Monday, November 03, 2014

Love, Laugh, Life, Learn, Belief, Practice


Time flies, we know that

Time flies, we feel that

Time flies, we value that

Time flies, and all 4 syurgawan are growing up just like in a blink of eye

All the smiles, tears, ups, and downs, were squeezed in between

To be treasured, learned, and remembered

Love, Laugh, Life, Learn, Belief, Practice

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hujan dan rahmat Tuhan


Sekarang tengah musim hujan kan, alHamdulillaah, loving it.

Doa ketika hujan:
 اَللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا 
Allahumma Shoyyiban Na’fian 
"Ya Allah turunkanlah hujan yang bermanfaat"
(HR. Bukhari) 

Berdoalah ketika hujan kerana waktu itu doa mustajab: 
“Dua doa yang tidak pernah ditolak ; doa ketika waktu adzan dan doa ketika waktu hujan”. (HR. Hakim/dishahihkan oleh Adz-Dzahabi )

Jom amalkan, Malaysia ni negara penuh rahmat kan sebab hujan selalu turun dan azan berkumandang di setiap tempat bila masuk waktu solat, dan selalulah kita ada peluang berdoa pada masa-masa mustajab, insyaAllah.

Keep safe, keep dry, dan sediakan payung sebum hujan. Untuk anak-anak, ibu bekalkan dengan baju hujan supaya tak lencun, insyaAllah. Untuk para ibu, pastikan kain yang disidai diangkat sebelum hujan turun, atau sidai bawah kawasan bebas hujan/berbumbung siap-siap untuk mengelakkan disappointment bila kain basah.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Jumaah Mubarakah


It's the National Mourning Day, my heart goes to all of the MH17 victims and family, and the entire nation. May Allah be pleased with the souls, ameen.

The victims have fallen and will be remembered, and we, who are still breathing to this day, shall continue living this life to the fullest until our own times come, insyaAllah, may Allah make our time on this world beneficial and be part of our journey back home to Jannah to meet Allah Ta'ala, amen.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lawatan Sekolah



26.8 Aquaria
9.9   Istana
10.9 Istana
11.9 .......

Semua syurgawan punya aktiviti. Moga mereka seronok pergi dengan cikgu dan kawan-kawan, selamat pergi dan balik, ameen.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cempedak Goreng


Maryam suka sangat makan cempedak petang tadi. Bila ibu dah goreng cempedak tu, dengan penuh teruja Maryam cakap, "Ohhh, patutlah dipanggil cempedak goreng. Rupanya ada cempedak dalam tepung yang digoreng ni!"



Maryam: Maryam nak pegi Mekah. 
Ibu: Maryam doalah banyak-banyak pada Allah.
Maryam: Kalau Maryam pegi Mekah, Maryam nak bawalah patung Barbie ni. Maryam pakaikan dia tudung dan baju macam ni. 
Sambil tunjuk Barbie yang sudah siap dipakaikan baju dan sapu tangan yang dipinkan jadi tudung.LOL.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mandiri Berdikari is independent


Semalam, Hajar dan Adam basuh kasut sekolah masing-masing. Ibu nak syurgawan berdikari, buat sendiri perkara-perkara yang dah sesuai dengan keupayaan dan usia mereka.

Hajar pun dah digalakkan basuh sendiri pinggan mangkuk dia. Biarpun nak basuh satu mangkuk, satu cawan, dan satu sudu ambil masa sampai 5-10 minit, oklah tu, alHamdulillah. Syurgawan yang lain belum lagi sebab masih tak cukup tinggi dan teliti. Selain tu, Hajar dan Maryam kena kemaskan katil dan bilik sendiri. Lepas tu, barang permainan dan peralatan sekolah kena kemas sendiri dan sediakan sendiri. Bag sekolah kena kemaskan dan pastikan semua peralatan yang diperlukan ada. Kalau ada barang yang tak jumpa atau kalau cikgu arahkan bawa itu ini yang memang anak-anak tak ada, barulah ibu tolong sediakan. Cuma gosok baju jer ibu tak bagi syurgawan buat sendiri buat masa ini.

Kadang-kadang tu, terkejut juga dengan hasil kerja diorang ni, masyaAllah. Lebih dari jangkaan.

Saturday, August 16, 2014



alHamdulillaah, these past few days were cloudy with light rain every now and then. It felt very peaceful here, masyaAllah.

after zuhur, Sarah was accidentally locked in Tokpak's room. We were panicked because we didn't have the key and Sarah was inside, alone and very quite!. She is a very bubbly girl and for her to be very quite worried us very much.

She didn't answer when we called her name and even after we knocked on the door real hard, she didn't respond. It was hard to hijack the locked door because the frame is not made from wood, some sort of metal macam besi. If she was sleeping, she should have been awakened by all of the noise.

alHamdulillaah ala kulli hal, after calling her name and offering her 'nunun'/breastfeeding, she opened the door! She was sweating all over, but she was smiling and cheerful. haha. We were not quite sure what was she doing alone in the room after kaiak locked her there, but Sarah was fine, and even told ibu to calm down, "Takde ape lah, ibu!"

Friday, August 15, 2014

A pricey mistake


I did not subscribe to data package and relied solely on wifi connection on my phone. Unfortunately, yesterday morning 'somebody' accidentally turned on the 'DATA' on my phone. I didn't notice it until I've received a notification telling my current bill was a whopping RM2++!, alHamdulillaah a'la kulli haal. I've given myself enough cooling down period through the evening, and that has helped me tremendously not to get mad at my syurgawan, alHamdulillaah.

It was a unintended mistake as many of other smartphone users might have had the experience of unknowingly turned on the data on their phone because it is so easy that even a baby could do it. Just two simple touches, and voila! This is how telco giants make some big chunks of their profit after all. So mommies out there, be careful.

Thursday, August 14, 2014



alHamdulillaah, today was the Eid celebration day at tadika. Syurgawan went to the tadika with some kuih raya.

Hajar and Maryam wore their kimono to the party. I like the look, masyaAllaah.
Adam in purple baju melayu with samping. No songkok as it was nowhere to be found.

They came back home with hadiah saguhati for fasting in the month of Ramadhan. Adam and Maryam got a storybook each and Hajar received a Pooh-piggy bank, with cute clips and some tracing utensils-dont know what it is called.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Off day - unofficial


today is the-off day for KAFA for Adam and Hajar. Somehow, Maryam decided not to go to tadika too.

All 4 syurgawan in house.alHamdulillaah a'la kulli haal

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wonderful wonders


alHamdulillaah, it has been a while since the last update. It was just ibu's writing mood went down the hill.

However, all four syurgawan are thriving, healthy, and happy alHamdulillaah. Last ramadhan, Hajar didn't miss even a day, Adam missed two days, and Maryam completed 26 days of fasting, masyaAllaah, strong syurgawan insyaAllah.

Maryam's motivations was ar-rayyan in Jannah ever since her teacher told her class about it.
She was screaming for foods and drinks for the first four days, and eventually got a good grab on fasting after that. She was active all day, alHamdulillaah.

Hajar and Adam complained about being tired of having to go to school morning till evening, but still managed to fast in the month of Ramadhan this year, alHamdulillaah.

Syurgawan enjoyed having sahur and ifthar together. Even after Ramadhan, they asked to be waken up for sahur if ibu and abah wake up for sahur for the puasa 6 Syawal. Last week, Maryam woke up for sahur but she didn't fast. She just loved the environment. This morning, Adam joined the sahur, we'll see if he fast the whole day.

We spent the whole week of eid's break at Penang and Bidor. The last day of Ramadhan, onyang(abah's grandad) passed away peacefully, at the last 3rd of the night when the rain was pouring down for a couple of minutes. We were already at Bidor upon hearing the news, and had to go back to KL after Fajr for the funeral. Everything went smoothly and the burial was completed right before Zuhr. alHamdulillaah, it was windy and the cloud was over us, so that it was very comfortable even though it was in the middle of the day when the heat was supposed to be high. Not a drop of sweat either. masyaAllaah. May Allah have mercy on his soul, forgive his sins, and enter him to the highest rank of Jannah close to Him and His messenger.Ameen.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014




semalam Sarah check up di klinik kesihatan. berat dah naik! alHAmdulillaah

semalam juga abah dah selamat balik daripada Turkiye.

alHamdulillaah best!

Maryam ambil gambar bear

Maryam ambil gambar anak-anak patungnyer

On the way ke klinik kesihatan